About Rescue Hill

Human trafficking in America is a massive, complex problem. Survivors are often left with ineffective, shortsighted options when they make the decision to ask for help and exit their trafficking situation.


True impact requires innovation. In addition to our unique approach to emergency beds and advocacy, Rescue Hill has created a new model of stabilization for survivors of human trafficking. Stabilization is designed to help survivors regain a sense of safety and control over their lives while
they take a deep breath
and figure out what to
do next.


Rescue Hill is one of three partner organizations on the North Texas Trafficking Task Force. We engage in recovery operations, offering services and resources to victims. We have also identified a strong referral network of like-minded organizations to serve and equip in a wide variety of areas. We never seek to “reinvent the wheel”, but instead carefully identify gaps in services and opportunities and mobilize our resources and partners to meet those needs.


We believe stabilization is not a program – it’s a destination. Each survivor’s complex trauma and story is unique, and so is their path to stabilization. In partnership with The Jensen Project, Rescue Hill opened Starla House – the first of it’s kind stabilization home in Texas for survivors and their small children. Through respite, relationship, and a personalized self-care ICP, Rescue Hill clients can choose from a 30- day or 60- day stay at Starla House to achieve their own individual goal of stabilization.