Mission and Values

To be a Safe Space, a Strong Voice, and a Strategic Force in the fight against human trafficking.

Rescue Hill isn’t just a place. It’s a calling – a calling to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right answers. Rescue Hill moves swiftly into crisis moments to offer victims and survivors of human trafficking a way out.

We train teams of advocates to respond to law enforcement calls and to attend stings, to offer hope in the transition to long term care. When survivors say yes, we are ready to provide them with an immediate way forward to safety. We transport victims into their future, meeting practical and immediate needs to step into a place of hope.

Hope Centered:  We choose to be people of hope, for without hope, survivors, and those who serve them, could easily despair. We are hope-filled and Jesus-centered; our hope springs from faith in Christ. Our hope is strengthened as our community comes together in this battle and as survivors succeed in finding freedom.

Integrity Driven:  As people of integrity, we strive to be honest, transparent, and authentic in everything we do. Additionally, we show integrity by doing things well and giving our best. To maintain this integrity, we choose accountability to those we serve, to each other, to our leadership, and to God.

Service Oriented:  We serve whomever God brings us—from trafficking survivors to law enforcement. Our call is to alleviate immediate crises by meeting basic, tangible needs of survivors such as a safe place to rest, do laundry, or have a meal. Next, we connect survivors with long-term care and offer affordable immigration services, which often serve as a preventative measure against further trafficking.

Continued Growth:  We strive for continual improvement and growth as we learn from others involved in this fight – whether ministers, survivors, law enforcement, or our partner organizations.