Executive Director and Founder, Amanda Pettit

Someday far from now, when looking back on Amanda’s legacy, she will be described as a visionary and a pioneer of her time.  Often seeing what could be, or should be, sometimes ten years into the unknown future, she’s never short on dreams or ideas.  “Can you build this for me”, seems to be the most common question to her husband.  She’s an entrepreneur and has started multiple organizations and businesses that are still thriving today.  like educating several hundred kids in Haiti through her nonprofit, Unforgotten Project.  

She loves being outside the walls of the church.  As a pastor, she will tell you her flock includes police officers and trafficking survivors.  She loves the in-between and margins of society.  She’s a self-described ‘collector of stories’ and is never shy about sharing them to inspire others when the appropriate opportunity presents itself.

Amanda is a wife, a mother, an apostolic pioneer, an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene and a missionary for life.  She’s gifted with identifying the strengths in others, and is always eager to pull the best out of everyone. If you’ve met her, you’ll remember it.  And if you haven’t, there’s always a spot on the pink couch in her office to listen to your story.

Executive Director and Founder, Steven Pettit

Steve is an Includer, never wanting to see anyone left on the outside or margins.  He believes every single person on the planet has purpose and a God-given destiny they can walk in once they know their identity in Jesus Christ.  You could describe him as a bridge-builder and a maker of peace.  In fact, his wife thinks he can build anything, and often challenges him to prove it.  

He is a genuine lover of people, which explains why people often seem drawn toward him.  He has a tangible and practical heart like Jesus.  He says what he means and does what he says, (unless it’s projects around the house.)  Steve shares that pioneering spirit with his wife Amanda, and strives to live every day of his life being Kingdom minded, Presence driven and Spirit led.  

Steve is a husband and a father, a businessman and a missionary.  He’s an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene and currently co-pastors RHI Church with his wife Amanda.  Some of his best memories are leading mission teams all over the mountains of Haiti and Dominica, going places he’s never been before, and raising his family to never fear the adventure.  

West Texas District Church of the Nazarene District Superintendent and Co-Founder of Rescue Hill, Dr. David Downs

David and his wife Susan, served as Nazarene missionaries to South Korea, where David was a professor at what is now Korea Nazarene College. He is a graduate of Southern Nazarene University, earning a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a master’s degree in religion, and of Nazarene Theological Seminary, earning Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees.

Once a missionary always a missionary, and David and Susan have the missionary heart. He empowers and equips his pastors to fulfill their calls, but also to always do the right thing, even in difficult situations. He is not afraid to start new work if it means reaching more people with the Kingdom of God.  David doesn’t shy away from adventure or people.  In fact, his grace for people challenges others.  He signs all of his emails to his pastors with, with you and for you, and he means it.  

With Susan by his side, they are like the dynamic duo. Susan is the Sr Managing Editor for Guideposts and a published author.  She formerly served as an international adoption program coordinator and licensed social worker.  She is steadfast and consistent, a connector of people and wise.  The ways that they love their family, both their immediate and their district, is an example to all. The Downs have five adult children and five grandchildren.

Board of Directors

Rev Clint Benn

Karen Davisson

Hannah Walker

Rev Calvary Callender

Roberto Matos, JD

Ashley Rao

Rev Richard Schneberger